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HD Step-by-step Images

With our step by step guide with HD images, you can't go wrong. If you do, we're here to help!

HD Videos

Our HD Videos will also guide you if you do better with videos. The choice is yours!

Dedicated Tech Support

We are here for you. Contact us with any questions or help you may need to repair any device.

Screenshots of our guides

High Definition images guide you each step of the way! Dummy Proof!

  • HD Images with Markers

    Easy to see with zoom features

    HD Images with Markers

  • HD Images with Markers

    High Definition Videos

    Easy to see with zoom feature

  • Step By Step Directions

    Easy to follow

    So Simple!

About this product

Just a little about our product.

iPhone Repair Guides

Our HD Images with step-by-step guides help you along with way with ease.

Award Winning Kit

Our Start Up Kit has been featured on Entrepreneur and our customers actually open real store fronts!

It's all there!

Along with our guides and videos, you will also receive software and premade business documents.

Quick Tech Support

We are always an email or phone call away for your start-up and repair questions.

Unbeatable Pricing!

Other websites sell something with lower quality for $119.99.

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Guides with HD Images
HD Videos
Lifetime Tech Support
25% Off Repair Website (Not Included)
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  • How much does it take to start?

    Nothing! Too good to be true? Not at all because I started with $0. I will also show you how to start with nothing. I will also tell you how to get screens at almost half the price after your first repair! Secrets of the trade!

  • Can You Make Good Money?

    You WILL make your money back on your first repair at the going rates. Good money is an opinion BUT many of our customers make at least an extra $2500/month by repairing iPhone screens part time!

  • Do you have videos to help with repairs?

    Yes! We have HD videos to help with each model screen replacement. A few times and you will be replacing in less than 30 minutes without even looking at a video because our teaching method is on point!

  • Do you tell us where to buy parts?

    Yes, and we even tell you how to save money after you have repaired so you can actually make even more money after your repair is complete! Trade Secrets At Its Finest! No other repair business will tell you this!

Are you ready to start earning cash?

Get in this market before it's too late! Don't be the one saying you wish you would have sooner!

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